Ethical Choices Mapping Instrument

By Jeric Gustilo

Select one of the following approaches which you are more likely to use:

Personal Ethics









Familiy Ethics

9. When one is a child, I think in general:

10. If I was a teenager who got into trouble for committing a petty crime, like joyriding or shoplifting, I would:

11. When one is a parent, I think in general:

12. As a parent with a teenager who misbehaves or gets into trouble, I would:

13. As a parent, I think in general:

Ethics with Friends, Dates, and Distant Relatives


15. If I think something a friend has done is wrong, I will generally:

16. If a friend going through hard times comes to me for help, I would be likely to:

17. If I was in a dating relationship that was getting serious, and I had some personal information in my background that would put me in a bad light and might damage the relationship, I would:

18. If I was in a serious dating relationship, and family members and friends advised me not to continue seeing this person, because he or she didn't measure up because he or she didn't have a good enough background (ie: from the wrong ethnic group, lower social class, etc.) I would:

Ethics in Work, Business, and Professional Relationships

19. If I found that the company I was working for or an associate I was dealing with was involved in activities I considered wrong or unethical, I would:

20. Generally, when I am part of an organization or work with one, I tend to:

21. If I was in a profession that had a formal code of ethics, and I found that others in my local peer group were participating in various practices that were a breach of these ethics, such as sharing confidential information or engaging in informal personal relationships with clients, I would:

22. Generally, I would prefer to work in a company or in a field where:

Ethics in Local Community and Public Issues

23. If a clerk in a store made a mistake, such as giving me too much money back as change or charging me too little for a purchase, I would:

24. If I didn't like someone who was a member of a group I belonged to, I would:

25. If I saw my neighbors involved in some kind of illegal activity, though it wasn't a threat to me personally or a danger to the neighborhood, I would be likely to:

26. If I was asked to lend my name to an unpopular cause which I believe in, such as by a group putting out literature or advertising about its cause, I would:

Ethics in Society as a Whole






Your Name:

Please check over your answers and make sure you answered all of the questions and typed your name.

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